Ronnie Choy: The Danceman | Rules to Live By


Rules for Life from the Danceman

  1. Will not play profanity (In most cases I have radio edits)
  2. Don’t advise playing Grunge, Alternative, Heavy Metal or any other music that is made for listening or just bobbin’ your head to. After all, I’m the Danceman…I do dances and the music that people like to dance to. If however, that is the kind of music you require then let’s talk.
  3. The price we quote is for the whole evening, no hourly program. (Tips will be accepted if offered after the evening is over and only from the client- will not take tips from the guests)
  4. Will meet with you to make sure your event goes as smoothly and just as you are expecting.
  5. Will set up at least 1 hour before your event.
  6. In advance we will agree on travel cost for events outside of Wichita.
  7. There will be extra charges and manpower provided by the client if there are stairs involved in set up and tear downs.
  8. Outside events may require special needs provided by the client (on a case by case situation)
  9. Payment is due at the end of the event or earlier. No deposit is required.
  10. Any damage to the equipment due to the client or their guests will be the responsibility of the client
  11. Please see contracts for cancellation fees and special notes.

Rules the Danceman must follow

  1. Always be on time.
  2. Always be friendly and courteous to all guests.
  3. Never cross the line of decency without prior approval from the client.
  4. Be flexible
  5. Dress neatly and tastefully
  6. Make sure a head of time that the equipment is in full working order.
  7. Make sure you have all the required music requested by the client.
  8. The client tells you when your job is done (usually in the pre meeting)
  9. No matter how you feel ALWAYS do your best.