Ronnie Choy: The Danceman | The Danceman Crew


Ronnie Choy

An almost 30-year D.J. veteran in the Wichita music scene. Born in New York City, raised in Miami Florida and has lived in Wichita for the last 28 years. Married to Collette (Mrs. Danceman). Got his start at KFDI radio where he worked for 11 years. Was music major at the University of Miami but has always had music at the center of his life. Known for being able to read a crowd and just knowing what songs will work has always been his forte’. Being a dancer himself, he knows what it takes to get a party started. Favorite formats are rockin’ blues, swing music, country, classic rock, standards and oldies. The Danceman’s #1 Rule to Live By; Life's a dance so you better get to it!

Mark Lavoie

Marc started in the radio business as a country DJ in 1993 and has almost 15 years experience in the live DJ businesses, entertaining people at wedding receptions, parties and corporate events. He now works at the morning anchor for KFDI News every day on the Brian and Kelly Show. Marc is married and has has three children. He loves history, sports and playing the drums. Marc doesn’t really have a favorite genre of music. He enjoys classic rock, dance music, American standards, jazz, pop, heavy name it.